Home video movies blog contact blog home / blog / deaf boy got a brain implant deaf boy got a brain implant in the city chennai of india, there was a two-year-old boy named koushik gandhi. Usage du viagra He was born deaf because he had a rare congenital disorder. A congenital disorder means to involve missing a body part or damage to a developing fetus (baby) in a mother’s womb. where to buy viagra boots In this case, koushik’s inner ears, cochlea and auditory nerve that provide hearing were missing. Doctors at the madras ent research foundation thought that a cochlear implant would be useless without the nerve which takes electrical impulses to the brain. cheap viagra online Instead, they preferred a complex surgery called the auditory brainstem implantation. An auditory brainstem implantation (abi) is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sensation of hearing to a person who is profoundly deaf, due to illness or injury damaging the cochlea or auditory nerve. Koushik got that auditory brainstem implantation. Three months later, when doctors switched on the device, the boy began to hear. buy cheap viagra He also cried out in fear. generic viagra online His mother realized that he, who was born deaf, was hearing sounds for the first time, so she started to cry with joy. Viagra online jersey When the surgery was done, the doctors at the hospital said that koushik is the world’s youngest patient to have experienced such a surgery. buy viagra safe online For this boy, things will be easier because he can hear right now. When he turns six, he’ll go to school. viagra without a doctor prescription On friday, he turns three. cheap generic viagra As people sing for his birthday, he may hear and smile. This information is from deaf boy hears after brain implant. The definition of an auditory brainstem implantation is from auditory brainstem implant. So what do you think of this article? buy generic viagra Share your opinions on it. viagra viagra dose Category: news 2 comments jc cody apr 17, 2010 disgust!! buy viagra online It is definitely “genocide monstrous act”. bars in the viagra triangle chicago   +1 (reply) sathishkumar jun 20, 2012 deaf   0 (reply) leave a reply click here to cancel reply. buy generic viagra free shipping Name * email * blog categories education entertainment health news people technology polls is usa the best country for deaf? buy viagra online Yes no view results  loading... Popular posts rest in peace, whitney houston february 24, 2012. buy viagra safe online Dren first brainstem implants aim to tackle deafness - 07 january 2004 - new scientist interesting. cheap viagra But keep in mind that in the us, abis are only approved for adults (18 and over) and only for patients with nf2. Viagra 50mg 4 pack Also, the effect of the implants are small, since most recipients have only an awareness of sound and won't be able to hear musical melodies, only the beat. buy viagra safe online   11-20-2010, 08:48 pm   # 6 ( permalink ) deafgal001 banned   join date: aug 2010 posts: 2,542 quote: originally posted by beowulf interesting. generic viagra online But keep in mind that in the us, abis are only approv.

Medicina y Salud




Ciencia aplicada que tiene por objeto el estudio de las enfermedades, su tratamiento, y su prevención.




Especialidad mdico-quirgica que estudia y trata las enfermedades oculares.



Hipcrates de Cos fue un mdico que vivi hacia el siglo V - IV adC.

Naci y vivi en Grecia.

Autor del Corpus hippocraticum, Tratado del pronstico y de Aforismos, entre otras obras, padre indiscutido de la medicina moderna cuyo mrito fundamental fue el de desarrollar un sistema racional basado en la observacin y la experiencia para el estudio de la enfermedades cuyas causas atribua a fenmenos naturales y no a intervenciones de los dioses o a fenmenos de tipo mgico-religioso.

A l se atribuye el conocido Juramento hipocrtico.



Dr. Abdul-Masshi Mubaied Atik:

  • Estudió medicina en la Facultad de medicina de Zaragoza 1968-1974.
  • Licenciado en Medicina y Ciruga en 1978.
  • Ttulo de Mdico Especialista en Oftalmologa en 1982.




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